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Photo of Mark Adams My name is Mark Adams and I am the founder and President of the (A-HOPE) Foundation. I started A-HOPE Foundation in June 2004. The A-HOPE Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) Public Charity organization that finds educational opportunities in the United States for deserving student athletes from across Africa ages 14 through 19 years of age. A-HOPE Foundation enhances the lives of numerous individuals in regions of Africa where formal education is not available. These individuals would likely not have this opportunity to advance their education to the highest level otherwise. Once their education is completed in the United States, these students will return to their country of origin to help improve the social and economic well-being of that country. There are dozens of private and Preparatory schools in the United States that are willing to provide financial aid to deserving students. These institutions are providing opportunities for these students to advance their education well beyond the level provided in their home country. Unfortunately for the students, these schools do not have the time or budget to seek out students from Africa. Fortunately for the students, the A-Hope foundation is willing to bridge the gap between private schools and deserving students.

A-HOPE Foundation provides a variety of services to the individuals we are helping. In addition to finding educational institutions that are a solid fit both academically and socially, we also help each student athlete with all aspects of obtaining a student visa. Since 9-11 it is very hard to get a student visa, even with all the proper paperwork. A-HOPE Foundation helps the student obtain all the proper paperwork and documentation needed and prepare them for the interview at the American Embassy. The Ambassador of Good Will and Sports in Africa, Adama Kiawu is working with A-HOPE Foundation and personally helps each individual with this process. Once the visa is obtained, A-HOPE Foundation provides assistance to the students family. A-Hope helps students book appropriate travel, door to door, to their final destination in the USA. Once the student arrives in the States, we personally greet them and ensure that they have everything they need to begin their educational journey in their new country. Each individual has a file that is maintained to ensure all records are current, I-20's are up to date and they are in good standing with the Immigration Service. Additionally, A-HOPE Foundation monitors the schools that the students are attending to ensure the quality of education is appropriate and living conditions are acceptable.

To date A-HOPE Foundation has been able to help assist over 30 deserving students in obtaining over one million dollars worth of education. In the last year and half, all of the kids in our program have received a solid secondary school education, and many have received offers for scholarships to colleges and universities throughout the United States.

A-HOPE Foundation has taken kids that were getting little to no education and has provided them the opportunity to receive a quality secondary school and college education. It has changed the lives of several people; not just the lives of the kids themselves, but also the lives of their families and friends. Where there was little hope of getting an education, the foundation has given them "A-HOPE" of a bright future. It has given them the means to graduate from college and return to their country where they will have both a social and economic impact on the local people.

The A-HOPE Foundation is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible. The problem A-HOPE Foundation faces now is that we cannot afford to continue this foundation without financial assistance. It is the hope that this foundation can obtain funding that will allow many more deserving African student athletes to pursue their dreams of coming to America in order to further their education and improve their lives. The list is long of deserving students, and it is our goal to help 10 to 20 individuals a year to get their education and start a new life.

With sincere thanks,

Mark Adams
A-HOPE Foundation

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